Updated August 14, 2017 

Palm Beach Tan Prices & Services
Sunbed Tanning
Bronze/Silver: Foundation Building: Build a perfect base tan by pairing lower intensity lamps with a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimum melanin production. Lower intensity. Stimulates melanin production. Up to 20-minute exposure schedules $29.95 & up
Gold: Color Enhancing: Take your base tan to the next level. Higher intensity lamps with a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for deeper, more beautiful color. High intensity. Darkens skin in less time. 12- to 15-minute exposure schedules $49.95 & up
Platinum: Deep Bronzing: Keep it dark. Deepen and maintain your color with maximum bronzing UVA rays. Deepens and maintains color. 12- to 15-minute exposure schedules. Enhance your tanning experience with our luxurious Platinum level equipment featuring body contour acrylics, air conditioning, premium quality sound systems, and much more. $59.95 & up
Diamond: Minimum Exposure, Maximum Bronzing: Superior bronzing, longest-lasting tan. 8- to 12-minute exposure schedules. Additional options like aromatherapy, body misters, air conditioning and more create a luxurious tanning experience. $109.95 & up
spray tanning
Mystic Kyss: Available at Palm Beach Tan, Mystic Kyss features the biggest developments in tanning in five years! Mystic Kyss is: Fast. Only two positions (vs. the usual four). Convenient. Enjoy heated drying during and after session. Easy. Voice guides prompt you step by step through your tanning session. Plus, Mystic Kyss also features: MagneTan® patented application technology that attracts myst to every exposed surface of the skin. An airbrush spraying process with a sweeping side-to-side motion. A personal single use cartridge system that gives you choices to easily customize your tanning experience. A semi-transparent wall that creates the feeling of an open-air environment without sacrificing the feeling of privacy. $35.95 & up
Mystic Tan: Step into one of our Mystic booths and experience the ultimate in sunless tanning. Mystic is the original and continues to offer the world’s best sunless tanning system: Heat optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan. Drying accelerates the DHA development and improves the application process. MagneTan® patented application technology that attracts myst to every exposed surface of the skin. Airbrush Technology spraying process with a sweeping side-to-side airbrush motion. Personal Single Use Cartridge System gives you choices to easily customize the tanning experience. Voice Automation guides you step-by-step through the entire tanning process. $35.95 & up
VersaSpa Sunless Skin Care System: Treat yourself to a luxurious experience with VersaSpa. Achieve that just-off-the-beach color with the next generation of sunless tanning systems: Bronze, hydrate and smooth fine lines in just one session. Customize your tan with your choice of 1 of 3 full-body treatments. Wide-open design. EZ-2Breathe purification system. Comfort Dry technology $35.95 & up
VersaPro Heated Sunless Spa Series: Step inside the future of sunless! Total Tan Customization. Just face. Just legs. Full body. Reformulated Solution. Hydrates and firms the skin for longer lasting color. Heated Drying Application. No toweling off. Exit completely dry and ready to re-dress $35.95 & up

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