Updated August 14, 2017

Planet Sun Tanning Prices & Services
Overall Tanning single session price monthly membership price
Level I – For a tanner looking to build a base tan.  Please be careful, the high content of UVB in this unit makes it easy for a tanner to burn. 10$ 24$
Level II – For a tanner looking to build a base tan or make an existing tan darker.  With more UVA than a Level I, a tanner will notice a better tan. 15$ 44$
Level III – Designed to take a tanner past their tanning plateau.  With a high content of UVA maximum tanning results can be achieved. 25$ 64$
Level IV- For an advanced tanner looking for the darkest tan possible.  With a high content of UVA, these units tan well with a low likelihood of burning.  You must have a base tan for Level IV units to achieve maximum results. 30$ 84$

MON:  9:00AM 10:00PM
TUE:  9:00AM 10:00PM
WED:  9:00AM 10:00PM
THU: 9:00AM 10:00PM
FRI:  9:00AM 10:00PM
SAT: 9:00AM 8:00PM
SUN:  10:00AM 6:00PM