How to Crush Your Blackheads Using the Best Blackhead Removal Tool

Trends may come and go but clear skin will always stay in style! If your smooth face is disrupted by the appearance of blackheads, remain calm—clear skin is within your reach! Below is a complete set of instruction on how to remove blackheads – using three different methods using the best blackhead removal tool for the method you choose.

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Trends may come and go but clear skin will always stay in style! If your smooth face is disrupted by the appearance of blackheads, remain calm—clear skin is within your reach! Below is a complete set of instruction on how to remove blackheads – using three different methods using the best blackhead removal tool for the method you choose.

What Are Blackheads?

Anyone can get blackheads. In fact, as you read this, approximately 50 million other American faces are struggling with these pesky clogged pores. Blackheads are a type of mild acne in which hair follicles on your face, neck, shoulders, or back become clogged with dirt, oils, and sebum. As these impurities plug up your pores, the melanin within them oxidizes, causing the surface to appear dark or even black.

Why Do I Have Blackheads?

Having blackheads does not automatically mean you have a dirty face. Some conditions that may lead to the development of clogged pores may be:

  • Difficulty shedding the dead skin cells on your face naturally
  • Too much acne-causing bacteria (specifically propionibacterium acnes)
  • Changes in hormone levels (such as during puberty or during menstrual cycles)
  • Naturally high levels of oil production
  • Use of certain medications

The Solution

Though stubborn blackheads may stay put for weeks or even months, dermatologists have developed tools to remove them rapidly. Check out these quick fixes to blackheads and enjoy smooth, healthy skin instantly.

Method 1: Using a Round Loop Extractor

Round loop extractors are metal loops that can be used to surround the affected pore and apply pressure evenly. This causes the blackhead to slide out cleanly without damaging or irritating the pore. These tools are simple to use and highly effective. One of the best benefits of round loop extractors is that the tools are inexpensive and very effective. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to look at the other options before opting for this solution, particularly using it in combination with a face steamer as described below.

Step 1: Find The Right Tool For Your Pores

Blackhead loops come in a variety of sizes. For the best results you will want one with a circumference fitting to your pore. The larger the pore appears, the wider your round loop extractor should be.

Step 2: Place The Loop

Once you find the right size, it is time to align your blackhead loop with the pore. Place the loop flatly against your skin to ensure that pressure is applied evenly to every side of the affected pore. Make sure your blackhead is directly in the middle of the loop opening.

Step 3: Apply Pressure

Now it is time to slowly and gently apply pressure. Your loop will press down against the skin around the pore to allow the blackhead to slip out of the pore. Your skin will look clearer right away and the pore will appear smaller over time. You can use a toner to help snap the unclogged pore shut.

Our Favorite Round Loop Extractor Kit: The Party Queen Blackhead Remover Tool Set

About the product

  • Multi-function Kit: This set can help to easily remove black&whitehead, acne, ingrown hairs and various facial blemishes. Complete your daily facial clean and needn’t cost so much in a beauty salon anymore.
  • Surgical Grade Quality: These 6pcs different extractors with different size loop and shape make you swiftly and effectively get rid of your pesky blackhead, acne and pimple with no irritation.
  • Worry Free To Use: Learn how to get rid of acne blackhead etc. just by reading the instructions which comes in a small cute Leather bag, The portable enough for carrying everywhere


We love the Party Queen Blackhead Remover Tool set because 5 of the 6 tools included are double-sided with different sized and shaped loops. This gives you 9 options of loops for blackhead removal as well as 2 tools that are great for whitehead removal. All of the metal used is surgical grade quality, so you know your tools won’t bend. Also, this metal is easy to keep clean, so you’ll never add dirt to your pores. You won’t lose your tools because this set comes with a small storage pouch.

Method 2: Using a Blackhead Suction Remover

A blackhead suction remover works to vacuum the impurities out of your pore using air pressure. These handheld machines are quick and painless. You will love the instant gratification of clearing out your pore with this mini vacuum.

Step 1: Place The Blackhead Suction Remover

To start, simply find the affected area of your skin and place the nozzle of the blackhead suction remover there. Make sure the nozzle is placed flatly against your face for the best results.

Step 2: Push The Button

This device does all the work for you with the push of a button. Simply turn the blackhead suction remover on and keep holding the machine over your affected area.

Step 3: Move The Blackhead Suction Remover Where Necessary

With the blackhead suction remover running, simply move the device with the nozzle pointed where you wish to vacuum. You can do a spot treatment or even go over your entire face!

Our Favorite Blackhead Suction Remover: Adauthuang Mini Facial Blackhead Remover

About the product

  • Problems Solved: This cleanser machine adopts high technology and vacuum extraction to help you reduce blackhead, acne,exfoliate dead skin, and treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation, and control melanin forming, make your skin health.
  • Safe and Durable Material: ABS material is environmental, safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin.
  • Fashion Design: Five levels, suitable for different skin, and comes with changeable beauty probe, which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin. The levels data and alectricity of the machine will show on the screen to display different mode clearly.


Why choose the Adauthuang Mini Facial Blackhead Remover? This handheld device is one of the most effective blackhead vacuums around. It uses a combination of diamond microdermabrasion and suction to keep your pores clean. The microdermabrasion helps to remove dead skin in order to prevent the formation of new blackheads and the suction works to eliminate ones you already have. This model charges with a convenient USB cord so you can use it without having the constraints of a cord or short battery life. The Adauthuang Mini Facial Blackhead Remover is made of material safe for your skin to prevent irritation.

Method 3: Using a Face Steamer

Face steamers are great for opening pores, which allows blackheads to slip out of the skin naturally without damaging pores. This simple method can work on your whole face at once, making it the most efficient method of blackhead removal. This is an especially good way to remove blackheads from your nose, chin, forehead, and other problem areas.

Step 1: Place Water In The Face Steamer

Most face steamers require that you add water to a small basin that heats up to achieve steam. Be sure to add only the suggested amount of water to this bowl. Otherwise your water may not steam, or could heat up too much.

Step 2: Place Your Face

Put your face in the steamer, only getting as close to the steam as recommended.

Step 3: Allow Your Face To Steam

Keep your face in the steam for several minutes. You can take breaks in between if the steam begins to feel too hot on your face. Once you have finished steaming, apply a toner to your skin to snap the newly cleaned and opened pores shut.

Our Favorite Face Steamer: Okachi Gliya Face Steamer

About the product

  • Effectively Deep Moisturizing: Compared to normal steam, this powerful personal home spa Nano ionic steamer effectively turns clean water into micro-fine particles to produce abundant and consistent hot mists in seconds, which can more easily penetrate the skin barrier. Moisturize skin more quickly and absorb nutritional essence more effectively
  • High-end Manufacture : Sleek Design with the double-side mirror (HD scratch resistant)and streamlined appearance, easy to set up and use. It’s convenient to complement your dresser, table, bathroom cabinet and etc. The water tank is made by ultra-high grade, durable, heat – resistant and eco-friendly premium material, does not have any plastic smell

The Okachi Gliya face steamer is a great way to open up clogged pores due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This machine heats clean water into a fine steam without burning your skin. When you use the Okachi Gliya Face Steamer, you are sure to feel refreshed!
Bonus: This face steamer can also be used as a humidifier and 2-sided HD mirror!

Many people like to use the face steamer in combination with a blackhead remover tool set, such as the Party Queen tool described above.

So, if you’re ready to reclaim your clear, smooth skin, give these methods a try!

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