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Finding the Best Hair Diffuser For Your Hair Type

Your life before finding the best hair diffuser: So, you’ve just washed your hair and you’re ready to create a hair masterpiece. You cross your fingers and hope that you can avoid massive frizz and somehow preserve the shape of your naturally bouncy curls when drying your hair. Having only ever achieved flat results day after day-despite smothering your locks with the most expensive hair products and using a top-of-the-line hair dryer-you’re beginning to wonder if it’ll be necessary to offer up a sacrifice to the hair-gods just for a day of smooth and structured curls. Good news, none of this-neither the agony nor the sacrifice-will be necessary to achieve your dream hairdo. If frizz-free, voluminous curls is what you cave you’ll simply need the right tools. Enter the hair diffuser.


Why Style Your Hair Using A Diffuser?

Enhance your natural curls or waves effortlessly using a hair dryer attachment known as a hair diffuser. Hair diffusers essentially divide up the flow of warm air coming from the hair dryer, reducing the amount of heat your hair is exposed to and providing a more gentle draft of air. This gentle current ensures that your natural hair texture isn’t flattened or deflated. Don’t worry-although the hair diffuser emits only a soft breeze, this hair dryer attachment still manages to dry your hair efficiently.

Even if your hair is naturally straight, a hair diffuser may be an important tool in your beauty repertoire. Using a hair diffuser reduces the amount of heat expelled by your hair dryer, causing your hair to look and feel healthier. Better than that, your hair really will be healthier! The hair diffuser attachment uses only minimal heat, so your hair won’t dry out or split. You will notice these benefits after only a single use!


What To Look For In A Hair Diffuser

If you’re interested infusing a hair diffuser attachment to maintain structured, bouncy curls or if you just want to give your straight hair some tender loving care, you’ll need to know which models are the best value for your money. What makes a good diffuser and what should you avoid? Well, it all depends on the natural texture. Here are our suggestions on matching your hair type!

Best Hair Diffuser for Fine Hair and Straight Hair

Although hair diffusers are typically used to maintain the texture of naturally curly hair, these hair dryer attachments are also ideal for styling straight hair. That’s because hair diffusers emit only minimal heat. This protects your straight hair from damage, keeping your locks feeling soft and smooth. Not to mention, you won’t need to worry about developing split ends so your hair can grow longer and healthy. Also, using a hair diffuser to style straight hair can be just as effective as using a hot straightener-as long as you know how to use it!

The best hair diffuser for straight hair is a hot sock diffuser, especially if you are shooting for a natural look. If you’re searching for perfectly styled straight hair, then using a hood hair diffuser is a better idea.

Best Hair Diffuser Fine Hair

Best Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair

Using a hair diffuser may be the best way to emphasize natural curls, bringing out their structure and bounce. This is all possible without the heat damage that you may get with other styling tools. The hair diffuser is a healthier way to create and maintain curls because it requires much less heat than other devices. You’ll always get satisfactory results using a hair diffuser-if you have the right technique!

The best hair diffuser for curly hair is a traditional, adaptable hair diffuser, such as the Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser. The reason we love it is because of it’s flexible size (it fits all the hair dryers we tested it on). It uses a clamp system that works with almost any dryer, and has never fallen off. It’s also big enough to dry 1/4th of your hair at a time, since the part that touches your hair is so big.

Best Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair

How To Style Fine Hair or Straight Hair with a Hair Diffuser


Towel Dry Your Hair

Before reaching for the hair dryer, you’ll need to reduce the amount of moisture in your hair. Achieve semi-dry hair using a towel and you’re ready to start styling!

Apply Heat Protectant (Optional)

These hair dryer attachments may be famous for their ability to style hair without emitting much heat, but it’s always smart to use a heat protector on your hair. Coating your straight strands with a quality heat protector prevents the development of split ends and unwanted drying.

Turn On The Hair Dryer At Its Lowest Speed And Heat Setting

Now it’s time to start the actual styling. You should only use the least powerful setting while using a hair diffuser to ensure that your hair remains smooth and straight. Here are some helpful hints for maintaining a perfect straight hairdo using a hair diffuser:

– Always start by drying the roots of your hair, moving the diffuser slowly in a circular motion.
– Once your roots are thoroughly dried, you can add some volume to your straight hair by holding the hair dryer at a 90 degree angle above your head.
– If you want even more volume try flipping your hair over with yourhead upside down and holding the diffuser above it, also at a 90 degree angle.

How To Style Curly Hair With a Diffuser


Towel Dry Your Hair

You don’t want sopping wet hair when you begin using a hair diffuser, so be sure to use a towel to dry your hair prior to turning on the hair dryer. This will speed up the process and improve your results.

Apply Heat Protectant (Optional)

It’s true that hair diffusers emit less heat than other hair styling tools, but it may still be wise to apply a thorough coat of heat protectant to your curls. This ensures that your strands aren’t dried out and helps to prevent the development of unattractive split ends.

Coat Your Curls With A Curl Defining Product (Optional)

There are a variety of curl defining creams and sprays available. These products are nice because they add to the structure of your curl and also help with reducing frizz. Don’t add too much curl defining product or your hair will become heavy. That means it will lay flat and it will be difficult to add volume.

Turn On The Hair Dryer At Medium Speed And Heat Setting

Are you ready to dry those curls? The medium speed and heat setting is sufficient for creating your natural curly ‘do. These are the best techniques for creating perfect, natural curls with a hair diffuser:

– With your head turned sideways or completely upside down, place your curls into the bowl of the hair diffuser.
– Use large sections of hair at the beginning, but use smaller sections of hair as your curls begin to dry.
– Fluff your dried curls with your hands to add volume.

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