| August 17, 2019

Chatters Salon

by Salon Prices

Based in Red Deer, Alberta, Chatters Salon is a Canadian-grown salon founded in 1988 by Jason Volk. After teaming up with fellow Canadian Corine Sim, Chatters Salon has since grown from one to a hundred salons spread throughout Canada. They have locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

This full-service salon offers a wide array of services handled by extremely well-trained hairstylists. However, apart from being an excellent hair service salon, Chatters Salon prides itself in its use of eco-friendly products, recycling up to 80% of their daily wastes. They also make it a point to donate a portion of their earnings to a charity dedicated to helping families.

Chatters Salon Prices

Color only

Table Heading
Men$52 - $62
Women (Long) $92 - $102
Women (Medium)$82 - $92
Women (Short)$72 - $82

Color & Foils

Table Heading
Long $127 - $137
Medium$112 - $122
Short$87 - $97

Foils only

Table Heading
Long $112 - $122
Medium$87 - $97
Short$72 - $82
Toner with Chemical$17

Children’s Haircuts

Table Heading
Boys (8 years old and below)$17 - $21
Girls (8 years old and below)$19 - $23
Girls (9 to 12 years old)$27 - $31

Adult Haircuts

Table Heading
Men’s Buzzcut$17
Men’s Beard/Neck Trim$12
Men’s Shampoo, cut, style$29 - $33
Women’s Bangs Trim$9
Women’s Shampoo, cut, style$41 - $45


Table Heading
Event Style$62
Shampoo and blowout$26
Shampoo and blowout (Long)$37 - $41


Table Heading
Brow $14

Disclaimer: Prices above are estimates only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.

Services Offered at Chatters Salon

Chatters Salon offers a wide array of grooming services that caters to men, women, and even children. These services include anything from haircuts, perms, color treatments, and even waxing services. Regardless of which service you choose, Chatters Salon ensures that your look is always on point and on trend.


Chatters Salons offer haircuts for men and women, as well as children. Children are classified as clients aged 8 and below. They also offer haircuts for children aged 9 and under. Men also get special treatment with services like buzz cuts, beard and neck trims, as well as the basic men’s haircut.

Color and Perms

Chatters Salon offers a wide range of hair coloring treatments with the use of trendy coloring techniques like balayage and ombre. You also get to choose more subtle color treatments such as root touch-up, color correction, and highlights. The price for color treatments will increase with longer hair lengths.

Lashes, Brows, and Waxing

Aside from haircuts and hair treatments, Chatters Salons also offers tinting services for lashes and brows. These tints add color to your brows and lashes to give a thicker and more volumized look. Alternatively, you can get waxing services for your brows, chin, face, and upper/lower lip.

Other Services

Chatters Salon also offers styling services for special occasions. These include shampoo and blowout. On top of those services, you can treat your hair to nourishing hair treatments such as Keratin Treatment and Olaplex Treatment.

Why Choose Chatters Salon

One of Canada’s best loved salons, Chatters Salon has definitely established its reputation as a reliable and high quality salon that offers world-class service. We highly recommend Chatters Salon if you’re looking for a salon that doesn’t skimp on their hair products as they only use products from reputable brands.

Another trait that sets Chatters Salon apart from other salons is that it prides itself in being an environmentally-conscious establishment. This means it makes an effort to reduce daily wastes that results from their hair services. If you’re looking for a salon that’s environmentally-friendly, then Chatters Salon is your best bet.

Ready to Book an Appointment?

If you’re interested in having your hair done by the experts at Chatters Salon, you can book an appointment with them through their official online booking system. The system allows you to choose the type of service you’re having, your hairstylist, as well as your preferred schedule.