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Kimble Hair Studio

Kimble Hair Studio is owned by celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble. Ever since opening her first salon in 1995, Kim has earned a solid reputation for her innovative styling techniques and high quality hair care services. Since then, she’s boasted an impressive roster of celebrity clientele, further proving that she’s one of the best at her craft.

Currently, Kimble Hair Studio has one main branch located in West Hollywood, CA. Run by stylists trained by Kim herself, the salon has become one of the most reputable salons in the west coast. The salon offers a wide range of hair services but specializes in hair extensions and braiding. If you’re interested in the services that Kimble Hair Studio has to offer, read on!

Kimble Hair Studio Prices

Flawless Fashionista (Sew-in Application)

Table Heading
Braid or Link by the track $50
Partial Sew-In $250
Full Sew-In $450
Silk Base Closure w/ new install $55
Silk Base Closure Tighten-up $25
Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry) $80
Smart Weave Sew-On Unit (includes shampoo and braiding) $250
Crochet Weave (includes shampoo and braiding) $250
Lace Front Piece w/ new install $75

Divine Diva (Micro-Loop Application)

Table Heading
Up to 150 loops (application) $250
Up to 200 loops (application) $330
Up to 250 loops (application) $380
Up to 150 loops (tighten) $155
Up to 200 loops (tighten) $180
Up to 250 loops (tighten) $205
Up to 150 loops (remove) $130
Up to 200 loops (remove) $155
Up to 250 loops (remove) $180

The Trend Setter (Clip-In Application)

Table Heading
Clip-In Application (9 pieces full set, includes braiding) $180
Price per piece $25
Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry) $80

The “IT” Girl (Tape-In Application)

Table Heading
Tape-In Application (Full head is 22 pieces) $220
Price per piece $10
Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry) $80

Additional Services

Table Heading
Shampoo, blowdry, and thermal $85
Shampoo and round-brush $65
Shampoo and blowdry $45
Shampoo and braid-up $50
Updo $60
Designer Cut $60 – $150
Curl/Style $40
Flat Iron $40
*Keratin treatment (w/ shampoo) $245
*Texturizer (w/ shampoo) $115
*Mini Relaxer (no shampoo) $45
*Virgin Relaxer (w/ shampoo) $135
*Re-Touch (relaxer w/ shampoo) $115
*Basic Set (w/ shampoo) $75
*Spiral Set (w/ shampoo) $85
*Doobie Set (w/ shampoo) $75
*Wrap Set (w/ shampoo) $75
*Straw Set (w/ shampoo) $85

Conditioning Treatments

Table Heading
Steam $25
Heating Cap $25
Mist Steamer $50

Color Glam Hair Color

Table Heading
*Balayage or ombre $170 & up
*Creative color $185 & up
Highlights/lowlights (half) $135
Highlights/lowlights (full) $185
Roots to ends color $100
Roots touch-up $85
Corrective Color $110 & up
Color Glossing $55


Table Heading
Senegalese Twist $200 & up
Jumbo Senegalese Twist $200
Senegalese Retouch $100
Spring Twist $200

Havana/Kinky Twist

Table Heading
Havana Twist $200
Kinky Senegalese Twist $250 & up
Havana Twist Retouch $100
Kinky Senegalese Twist Retouch $150

Box Braids

Table Heading
Box Braids Bob $250
Box Braid $250 & up
Box Braid Retouch $150
Crochet Braid $65
Jumbo Box Braid $250
Natural Twist $65

Faux Locs Fake

Table Heading
Faux Locs $300 & up
Faux Locs Retouch $250
Faux Locs Take Down $100

Crochet Braids

Table Heading
Crochet Braid Curled $200
Kids Crochet Braid Curled $150
Crochet Braid Afro/Natural $150
Crochet Recurl $80
Crochet Braid Removal $65
Jumbo Crochet Twists $125
Crochet Braids (freetress) $200
Crochet Braid Press & Curl $200
Crochet Faux Locs with Marley $200


Table Heading
Kid’s Cornrows $65
Cornrow Ponytail $200
2 Cornrows $95
4 to 6 Cornrows $125

VIP Package

Table Heading
Makeup $100
Makeup + Eyelash (strip) $120 & up
Lunch & Bellinis $80
Nails $80
Massage $85
House Call $250

Kimble Celebrity Wedding Package

Table Heading
Makeup, Eyelashes (Strip), Nails $100
Full day on location (hair and makeup touch-ups) $150 & up
Reception styling (new hairstyle for the reception) $300
Additional stylists for Bridesmaids/Mother of the Bride $150 per person

Glam Party

Table Heading
Tape-Ins and Clip-Ins TBD
Stylist (plus hair service cost) $150 per stylist at salon
$250 per stylist for private location
2-3 Appetizers & Dessert TBD
Photographer $250

Disclaimer: Prices above are estimates only. The data has been gathered from various sources (online, on-site, and/or via phone). Pricing may vary from one location to another of the same salon brand or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local salon.
*Prior consultation needed to determine exact pricing.

Services Offered at Kimble Hair Studio

As previously mentioned, Kimble Hair Studio offers a wide range of services centered on the application of hair extensions, braiding, and hair coloring. The salon also offers more conventional services such as haircuts, shampoo & blowdry, and styling services. To get a better understanding of the services Kimble Hair Studio offers, here’s a breakdown of their most popular services:

Flawless Fashionista (Sew-In Hair Extensions)

This application method involves braiding of the client’s natural hair and sewing in the hair extensions into the braids via needle and thread. This process can last up to 3 hours. A consultation is required prior to booking an appointment.

Divine Diva (Micro-loop Hair Extensions)

This application involves attaching the client’s hair to the weft of the extension via a loop or ring which is then pressed closely to the scalp and lasts roughly 3 hours. A consultation is required prior to booking an appointment.

The Trendsetter (Clip-In Hair Extensions)

Clip-ins are the easiest and least invasive type of hair extension. They’re ideal for those who like to frequently change up their hairstyle or color as they can be easily applied or removed from the client’s hair. The clip-in application includes braiding.

The “IT” Girl (Tape-In Hair Extensions)

Tape-ins adhere to the client’s natural hair with the help of adhesive strips. Like clip-ins, they’re easy to remove with the help of a simple solution that washes out any adhesive stuck to the hair. Clients can choose from a full-head service (22 pieces at $220) or tape-ins by the piece at $10 per piece.

Conditioning Treatments

The salon offers Kimble Signature Conditioning Treatments for clients that have damaged hair caused by chemicals, heat, or just the elements. These conditioning treatments aim to nourish and restore your hair to its original luster. All these treatments include shampoo and conditioning with infusing steamers.


The salon offers unique packages for clients preparing for a special event or a wedding. Depending on the package, they offer multiple services, including makeup, eyelashes, nails, massage, hair extensions, and even food!

Why Choose Kimble Hair Studio

It’s obvious that Kimble Hair Studio goes above and beyond when it comes to servicing its clients. From the extensive hair services to the amazing customer service, it’s no surprise Kimble Hair Studio has gained an impressive reputation, even among Hollywood’s most popular celebrities.

The salon’s hairstylists are extremely professional and well-trained enough to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t so you only get the best look when you come out of the salon. Kimble Hair Studio is also ideal for those with kinky hair or afros as they are fully equipped to care for your hair. Those interested in volumizing their hair with the help of hair extensions or braid it up for a stunning dreadlock look should look no further than Kimble Hair Studio.

However, it’s important to note that Kimble Hair Studio requires clients to book appointments beforehand. Due to their growing clientele and the fact that they only have one branch, Kimble Hair Studio is frequently fully-booked. In order to secure a slot for yourself, make sure you call for an appointment beforehand.

Ready to Book an Appointment?

To book an appointment at Kimble Hair Studio, you can call them at 323 650 2222 or fill out a contact form on their website. Alternatively, you can set an appointment in person at the salon which is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at 8280 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA.

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