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Lovely Nails Prices

Lovely Nails and Spa is a premier nail salon, with most locations offering luxury massage and other services as well. Lovely Nails prices start at as little as $5 for a French manicure (applying polish only – the actual manicure starts at $14). However, Lovely Nails prices can also range on the higher side for other services, such as $80 and up for an eyelash extension.

Overall, Lovely Nails has a solid reputation for satisfying their customer’s needs. Lovely Nails operates numerous locations throughout the United States, and continues to grow it’s North American footprint.

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Services offered at Lovely Nailsā€˜

Lovely Nail Care

Table Heading
Manicure – Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage $13.99&up
Pedicure – Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage $24.99&up
Mani & Pedi – Soak + Cuticle Care + Massage $34.99&up
French $4.99&up
Nail Art Design $4.99&up
Polish Change Hands $7.99&up
Polish Change Toes $9.99&up
Polish Change Hands & Toes $14.99&up


Table Heading
Shellac Colour $14.99&up
Shellac Manicure $24.99&up
Shellac Chrome Manicure $34.99&up
Shellac Pedicure $39.99&up
Shellac Mani & Pedi Regular $49.99&up
Shellac Take Off $9.99&up

Nails Extension

Table Heading
Acrylic $19.99&up
Overlay $19.99&up
Refill $18.99&up
Repair $4.00 each
Uv Gel $34.99&up
Overlay $29.99&up
Refill $19.99&up
Repair $4.00 each
Bio Gel $44.99&up
Overlay $44.99&up
Refill $34.99&up
Repair $5.00 each
Pink & White $44.99&up
Nail Take Off $10.99&up
Nail Take Off & Mani $19.99&up


Table Heading
Eye Brow $6.99&up
Chin $6.99&up
Upper Lip $4.99&up
Side Burns $5.99&up
Feet & Toes $4.99&up
Full Face $24.99&up
Under Arms $9.99&up
Full Arms $24.99&up
Half Arms $14.99&up
Full Legs $19.99&up
Half Legs $19.99&up
Bikini Line $14.99&up
Bikini Line + Full Legs $44.99&up
Brazilian $34.99&up
Tummy $9.99
Gentleman’s Back $29.99&up
Gentleman’s Chest $14.99&up

Eyelash Extension

Table Heading
Mink Eyelash $79.99&up
Refill $39.99&up
Take Off $19.99&up


Table Heading
Eyebrow $9.99&up
Waxing & Tinting Eye Brow $14.99&up
Eyelash $14.99&up

Kids Nail Care

Table Heading
Manicure $9.99&up
Pedicure $17.99&up
Mani & Pedi $24.99&up
Polish Change Hand & Toes $11.99&up

Lovely Nails hours of operation are usually set with an opening time of 10 AM Monday through Saturday, and 11 AM on Sundays. Lovely Nails closing hours are usually fixed at 7:00 PM, but close at 5:00 PM on Sundays. Of course, hours of operation may vary depending on the location, so make sure to call your local branch ahead of time.

While Lovely Nails does accept walk-in business, it’s always wise to schedule an appointment ahead of time. This will prevent you from waiting, and also allow you to secure your favorite nail technician in advance. It’s especially important to make a reservation ahead of time before weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays are especially busy) as well as major holidays.

Below is a convenient chart of Lovely Nails hours of operation.

Table Heading
MON: 10:00AM 7:00PM
TUE: 10:00AM 7:00PM
WED: 10:00AM 7:00PM
THU: 10:00AM 7:00PM
FRI: 10:00AM 7:00PM
SAT: 10:00AM 7:00PM
SUN: 11:00AM 5:00PM

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