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Massage Green prices are reasonable despite providing a very high quality massage that focuses on using only the highest quality cremes, lotions, and other materials. The massage beds are extremely comfortable, and the training program for their masseuses is exceptional. Massage Green has a focus on the environment and the creation of an experience…

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Massage Green prices are reasonable despite providing a very high quality massage that focuses on using only the highest quality cremes, lotions, and other materials. The massage beds are extremely comfortable, and the training program for their masseuses is exceptional. Massage Green has a focus on the environment and the creation of an experience that leaves you wanting more.

Massage Green Prices

The main message that Massage Green provides is providing an excellent massage that everyone can afford. While they do offer a monthly membership, it is possible to book a massage or facial without any sort of membership, but becoming a member does provide discounts to their regular prices. Massage Green also provides a unique sauna experience – their Sunlighten Infrared Sauna is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once.

Massage Green Coupons

Massage Green frequently offers discounts and coupons using services such as Groupon or Yipit. Currently there are a number of discounts available for massages, couples massages, and couples packages that include a massage and sauna. These are frequently renewed.

Massage Green Spa Prices & Services

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Wellness/relaxation: The Wellness/Relaxation outcome is achieved with our classic massage foundation and will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Your massage therapist will use an integrated series of gliding (effleurage) and kneading (petrissage) methods, combined with gentle rhythmic joint movement. A variety of comfort based pressure levels are used during the session. Similar to the modality known as Swedish massage your session will also include variety of massage approaches that can result in deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. If you have never received a massage before, this is a good place to start. The Wellness/Relaxation massage session can be adapted for pre-natal, geriatric, minors, sports, and any other unique situations. $50.00 & up
Pain Management: Relief from pain is the most common reason people seek massage. This outcome is achieved by your massage therapist providing the classic relaxation foundation massage session adapted to address generalized or local pain sensations. Your massage therapist will integrate a variety of methods which may include a variety of pressure levels from light to deep targeting restoration of normal blood and lymphatic movement, normalizing connective tissue pliability to reduce stiffness, reducing trigger point activity and quieting the nervous system. Modalities such as myofascial release and gentle stretching may be used. After a Pain Management therapy session, clients often report feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and are ready to take on the world. $55.00 & up
Stress Management: The Stress Management massage session is built on the classic relaxation massage session with additional focus on reducing physiological stress responses such as anxiety, mild depression and fatigue. Your massage therapist will include a focus on and reduction of generalized body aches. Included in the massage session are a variety of methods some of which may require functional breathing, deeper focused pressure to reduce trigger point activity in muscles used for breathing and in the neck and shoulder area. All methods integrated into the massage focus on deep relaxation and supports restorative sleep. Clients often report a sense of perspective and clarity as well as a sense of rejuvenation after receiving a stress relieving massage. $50.00 & up
Functional Mobility: The focus of this massage session it is structured to provide ease of movement without pain, stiffness, or aching. Building on the classic massage foundation, your massage therapist will target joint movement and muscle function from surface to deep tissue layers. This massage session may include methods using deeper pressure and movement to reduce trigger point activity, support normal myofascial pliability and increase flexibility in tissues that are short and stiff. Those who are physically active or beginning an exercise program will find that massage sessions that support mobility will support a physically active lifestyle. $50.00 & up
Reflexology: Reflexology is based on a combination of ancient eastern techniques that focuses on the Feet, Hands, and Face to restore wellness to the whole body. This therapy is relaxing and is best suited for those who cannot or choose not to receive the classic type of massage and can be given while fully clothed. $50.00 & up
Light Touch Regenerative Therapy: Incorporating a variety of ancient subtle touch methods, our Regenerative Therapy will provide you with an integrative and intuitive experience. This therapeutic session is typically given while you are fully clothed in loose comfortable attire. Your therapist will use light touch, rhythmic movement, and gentle placement of the hands on various parts of the body thought to be centers and points of body/mind balance. The goal is to experience internal balance, promote healing, and achieve a deep sense of calm. This type of therapy is best suited for those who prefer an alternative approach to massage therapy and overall healing. $55.00 & up
Aromatherapy: By adding one of our essential oil blends to any massage session, you may enhance the overall effect of the massage treatment and provide an element that expands your overall experience. Our blends help with, relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, or balancing. $50.00 & up
Hot Stone Massage: Hot stones are used as part of the massage application. The heat from the hot stones penetrates deep into the muscles which enhances the outcome of any massage session. Your massage therapist will massage you with the hot stones and place the stones on certain areas of the body to allow for a deep relaxation with the added benefit of heat. $60.00 & up
Couples Massage: Share the experience with a sweetheart or loved one in a couple’s room. This is great for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day or any special occasion.
Facial $50.00 & up
Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna $15.00 & up

Massage Green Locations

Massage Green currently has 61 locations located throughout the United States. They generally open one or two locations in each city, and have expanded every year since they began.

Massage Green Hours

You can find Massage Green in 61 locations at the time of this writing. Each location generally adheres to the following schedule – open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekends. Massage Green is a franchise, so some individual franchise owners may choose to alter this schedule. Please check with your local Massage Green location for their holiday schedule as well as any changes to the standard hours shown above.

Table Heading
MON: 9:00AM 10:00PM
TUE: 9:00AM 10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM 10:00PM
THU: 9:00AM 10:00PM
FRI: 9:00AM 10:00PM
SAT: 8:00AM 8:00PM
SUN: 8:00AM 8:00PM

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