| April 30, 2019

Planet Sun

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Planet Sun Tanning Salon is a chain of tanning salons based in New Jersey, currently with 9 locations and growing rapidly.  Planet Sun prices are in-line with other nationwide tanning salons, such as Palm Beach Tan, South Beach Tanning, and Sun Tan City.

Like other tanning salons, Planet Sun prices are cheaper with a monthly membership.  Planet Sun membership includes access to all their clubs, as well your choice of unlimited access to a Level 1 tanning bed or one free sunless tan each  month.

Planet Sun prices are listed below:

Planet Sun Tanning Prices & Services

Overall Tanning

Single Session PriceMonthly Membership Price
Level I For a tanner looking to build a base tan. Please be careful, the high content of UVB in this unit makes it easy for a tanner to burn.11$24$
Level II For a tanner looking to build a base tan or make an existing tan darker. With more UVA than a Level I, a tanner will notice a better tan.16$44$
Level III Designed to take a tanner past their tanning plateau. With a high content of UVA maximum tanning results can be achieved.25$64$
Level IV For an advanced tanner looking for the darkest tan possible. With a high content of UVA, these units tan well with a low likelihood of burning. You must have a base tan for Level IV units to achieve maximum results.32$84$

Planet Sun services include several unique options not available at most other tanning salons. In partnership with BleachBright, Planet Sun offers teeth whitening. BleachBright uses an exclusive light wavelength that is specifically calibrated to the optimal level for teeth whitening.

Planet Sun also offers customized airbrush tanning using Norvell equipment. They are widely respected as one of the most advanced salons in the US. You only need a single session to get several shades darker skin. It's perfect for year round tanning or for special occasions.

A final unique service offered by Planet Sun is their Red Light Therapy service. They suggest using this service 3 times per week for 12 weeks. They offer various levels of vibration in addition to the light technology that they say will relieve tension, relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and tone muscles.

There are a number of Planet Sun coupons, especially for first time customers, that can be found on their pricing page here.

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TUE: 9:00AM10:00PM
WED: 9:00AM10:00PM