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South Beach Tanning

South Beach Tanning was founded in 2003 in South Miami, Florida. South Beach Tanning prices are fair for the high end salons they provide, as well as their well trained staff and high-end services.

They are known for having very large salons, about 2-3 times larger than most other tanning salons. With larger salons, they are able to offer extended hours and no appointments necessary, with walk-ins welcomed and a promise to never have to wait for your tan.

South Beach Tanning memberships are a pretty solid deal, starting at around $18 per month. They offer a single session of a Level 1 tanning bed for only $9, which is one of the best prices around.

South Beach Tanning prices are all listed below:

South Beach Tanning Prices & Services


Single Session Price Monthly Membership Price
Level 1 Level 1 Beds! In fact, these state of the art tanning units are designed to build and maintain a perfect base tan while offering an exceptional value. Largest Tanning Surface in Their Class. Surround Sound & High Output Body Blowers . Quick 15 Minute Session $12.00 $18.00
Level 2 It’s time to take your base tan to the next level! With wider tanning surfaces, additional cooling and high output bronzing facial tanners for a more golden bronze glow on the face, you can’t go wrong with this level. These State of the art units are designed to delivery outstanding tanning results with features once reserved for higher level equipment, all at an incredible value. Incredible Value. High Output Bronzing Facial Tanners. Quick 15 Minute Session $16.00 $38.00
Level 3 More features, more tanning lamps, and more output is what you get when you upgrade to Level 3! These luxurious units feature higher bronzing output resulting in a deep, dark, golden brown tan, without as much fear of burning normally associated with the higher UVB rays found in lower level beds. If doing it standing up is your thing, level 3 usually includes use of all of our 7 to 9 minute bronzing stand-up units. Bronzing Shoulder Tanners and Side Tanners. Deeper, Darker Longer Lasting Tan. Quick 12 Minute Session $20.00 $58.00
Level 4 When only the very best will do, our Level 4 units step up to the challenge! Sit back and relax in these luxurious air conditioned units and enjoy an experience that will relax you into euphoria. These units feature the highest bronzing output in their class that shower your body with a unique blend of light designed to maximize your own tanning potential. Darkest Tan Possible Without Stepping Up To The High Pressure Units. Tons of Comfort Features Including Mist Breeze, Climate Control, Aroma Therapy and More. Quick 10 – 12 Minute Session $24.00 $78.00
Level 5 The darkest tan possible and a tanning experience that is second to none! Immersed in light and seemingly suspended in air, the luxurious tanning experience showers your body with golden bronzing rays that feel like the sun, while the high powered fans cool your body like an ocean breeze. 99% UVA Light (Bronzing Rays) Limits Reddening of the Skin. Maintain Your Tan in as Little as 2 to 4 Visits per Month. Quick 10 – 12 Minute Session $30.00 $78.00


All of our locations feature the latest in Spray Tanning Technology. A sunless Tan with the precision of airbrush, but in the privacy of your own booth. The result is a golden glow that is 3 to 5 shades darker than your natural skin and can last 5 to 7 days. With our 3 step process, getting in and out of the salon for your session is quick and easy,
Single Session Price Monthly Membership Price
Airbrush technology $32.00& up $58.00& up
Heated Sunless Spray Tan System $32.00& up $58.00& up
Blow Dry Treatment after every session $32.00& up $58.00& up
Open Air – Mist Free Application $32.00& up $58.00& up
All Natural Ingredients $32.00& up $58.00& up

Devoted Creations provides the very finest in aloe vera based products. Our customers deserve the choice of a higher quality moisturizing based product than the standard water based lotions most commonly found in our industry

South Beach Tanning services are fairly standard, without too many unique or one-of-a-kind services like some of their competitors. For example, other chains offer Teeth Whitening, or Cryochambers. But South Beach Tanning focuses on tanning and does it extremely well.

They offer five different levels of tanning beds – starting with Level 1 in order to build up a base tan without burning (they suggest a starting time of about 15 minutes). Level 4 and 5 tanning beds are strictly for people who already have a base tan and want the darkest possible skin without burning.

South Beach Tanning Sunless Tans (or Spray Tanning Tans) use the precision of an airbrush in the privacy of your own room. They are able to guarantee a golden glow of skin that looks natural and is 5-7 shades darker than your natural skin. Most spray tans they offer usually last 5-7 days. Their sunless tanning comes with a free blow dry treatment after every session, mist free application in an open air, private room, and the use of all natural ingredients.

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MON: 7:00AM 11:00PM
TUE: 7:00AM 11:00PM
WED: 7:00AM 11:00PM
THU: 7:00AM 11:00PM
FRI: 7:00AM 10:00PM
SAT: 10:00AM 9:00PM
SUN: 10:00AM 9:00PM

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