| April 30, 2019

Star Nails Prices

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Star Nails started out as a small nail salon on Venice Beach, California more than 25 years ago.  They eventually grew to a company that not only has numerous nail salons open throughout the country, but also creates professional products for independent nail technicians.  Star Nails prices are fair and reasonable, especially considering their focus on healthy, environmentally friendly products that protect the nails of their clients.

Most Star Nails salons are also reasonably priced. Star Nails prices range from as little as $15.00 for a basic manicure, to as much as $90 and up for a complete set of artificial nails. If you'd like to learn how to apply fake nails and save money while still looking great, click here.

Most Star Nails locations are happy to take walk-in business, but even though it's not absolutely necessary to schedule an appointment, calling in advance can save you a significant amount of time waiting for a nail technician to become available, particularly during busy times like weekends and just before major holidays.  Star Nails prices do not vary and are the same if you're a walk-in or a scheduled customer.

Manicure & Pedicure Services


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Basic Manicure$15.00
Keratin Manicure$20.00
Buff Manicure$20.00
French Manicure$20.00
Spa Manicure$28.00
Color Gel Manicure$30.00
Color Gel French Manicure$40.00

Artificial Nails

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UV Gel Extension French$90.00
UV Gel French Set$75.00
UV Gel Extension Set$65.00
UV Gel Set$55.00
UV Gel French Fill-ins$45.00
UV Gel Fill-ins$30.00
Powder Fill-ins$30.00
Regular Tips$40.00
White Tips$55.00
Silk Wrap Set$55.00
Silk Extensions$65.00

For Kids

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Kid's Manicures and Pedicures complete with complimentary hand painted flowers on nails and toenails.
Kid's Manicure$10.00
Kid's Pedicure$20.00
Kid's Change Polish (feet)$10.00

Foot Care

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Basic Pedicure$30.00
French Pedicure$35.00
French Pedicure$35.00
Star Spa Pedicure - Peppermint foot soak, peppermint foot bath and mud mask. Warm basalt stones and aromatic glide across your feet and legs to improve circulation and help smooth tired feet and aching legs.$45.00
Green Tea SPA Pedicure - Zen-like style pedicure rehydrates and relaxes stressed-out feet. Green Tea contains antioxidants and healing properties that promote anti-aging and stimulate younger, healthier skin. After a relaxing Green Tea foot bath and mud mask, feet are covered with hot booties to retain warmth. Heels are treated with callus eliminator that is guaranteed to see a difference. Includes a soothing 15 minutes foot massage with Aromatherapy Oil and Hot Stones.$55.00
Silky Milk Pedicure - Milk has extraordinary qualities increasing your skin's ability to obtain moisture. The foot & lower legs massage with silky milk massage cream. It provides vitamins A,D, & E to nourish your skin with anti-inflammatory be essential proteins and effective beta-hydrating acids help you maintain in smooth and silky skin$65.00
Organic Spa Pedicure - We use a remarkable line of products based on phytotherapy and aromatherapy to cleanse, deodorize, moisturize, and protect against infections and make the skin silky smooth and radiant. Includes * Refreshing and stress relieving footh bath *Gentle bamboo extract scrub *Seaweed, Dead Sea Salt, herbal extract mud *Essential massage oil *Rejuvenating cream finish * Callus removal and a relaxing 20 min massage with Hot Stones.$75.00


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Callus Eliminator Treatment - It breaks down callus in 3-5 minutes. It penetrates deep into the skin to soften and repair dry, cracked, and callused heels and feet. $8.00&up
French Lines - From daytime denim to evening elegance, the popular white-tipped look will compliment any outfit or occasion$5.00&up

Star Nails hours of operation are fairly flexible and can usually be fit into most people's schedules. Most Star Nails locations are open 7 days a week, from 9:30 - 7:00 PM on Mondays through Saturdays, and from 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM on Sundays.

Of course, these Star Nails hours are subject to change and may also be different depending on the location and franchise owner's options - it's important to check your particular Star Nails location before dropping by, especially if it's close to closing hours or on the weekends.

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TUE: 9:30AM7:00PM
WED: 9:30AM7:00PM