| April 30, 2019

Woodhouse Day Spa

by Salon Prices

Why Woodhouse Day Spa? Well if you enjoy treating yourself to massages, facials, waxing, and other body treatments and want to save money at the same time, you’ve found your spa. Woodhouse Day Spa prices are extremely competitive, with many services to choose from, including massages, skin care, and even sleep treatments. This spa is well renowned and has even won 75 awards throughout its existence! You’re sure to receive the tender loving care you want and need from the trained professionals at Woodhouse Day Spa.

Woodhouse Day Spa Prices

The Woodhouse Day Spa offers a variety of services and pricing depends upon the treatment(s) you choose or the length of time you intend to stay. You can decide to stay only for the duration of a single treatment and pay for that service or you may purchase on of their many Spend a Day with Us packages. These packages allow you to stay at the spa longer than the treatment(s).

Woodhouse Day Spa Coupons

Woodhouse Day Spa maintains a company FaceBook page, which offers coupons for various services and treatments from time to time. Aside from that, this spa has a referral program in which a spa visitor may refer friends or family to the spa for $10 credit. There is no limit on the amount of credit you can earn, so you can introduce all of your friends to Woodhouse Day Spa.

Woodhouse Signature Services

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti80Min$138.00
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial80Min$260.00
The Woodhouse Escape110Min$225.00
The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage80Min$230.00
The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat50Min$65.00
The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure80Min$90.00

Skin Care

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti80Min$145.00
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial80Min$260.00
The Pure Hydrafacial50Min$180.00
The Express Hydrafacial25Min$100.00
The Skin Fitness Assessment Facial80Min$120.00
Restorative Stem Cell Facial80Min$145.00
Restore And Firm Microderm50/80Min$120.00 / $165.00
Illuminating Facial50Min$125.00
Timeless Anti-aging Facial50Min$130.00
Calming Rosacea Facial50Min$110.00
Organic Discovery Facial50Min$95.00
Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial50Min$95.00
Seaweed Marine Eye Compress Treatment50Min$45.00
Facial Enhancements25Min$35.00 - $45.00


Table Heading
Lower Arms$35.00
Upper Arms$35.00
Full Legs$80.00
Brazilian Bikini$75.00
Lower Legs$45.00
Upper Legs$45.00
Extended Bikini$65.00
Waxing- Chest$65.00

Sleep Treatments

Lavender Dreams50Min$95.00
Deep Sleep Massage80Min$125.00
Blissful Night50Min$95.00
The Soma50Min$95.00

Massage Therapy

The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage80Min$240.00
Duet Massage50 / 80Min$180.00 / $240.00
Therapeutic Stone Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$95.00 / $125.00 / $175.00
Balancing Yoga Massage50Min$125.00
Deep Tissue Massage50 / 80Min$100.00 / $130.00
Swedish Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$90.00 / $120.00 / $170.00
Relaxing Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage50Min$95.00
Reflexology Foot Massage25 / 50Min$55.00 / $90.00
Mellow Mama50 / 80Min$95.00 / $125.00
Gentlemen's Therapeutic Stone Massage50 / 80 / 110Min$95.00 / $125.00 / $175.00
Gentlemen's Deep Tissue Massage50 / 80Min$100.00 / $130.00
Toasty Marshmallow Massage50Min$95.00
Romancing The Stone Massage50Min$95.00

Body Treatments

The Woodhouse Escape110Min$230.00
Lazy Days Renewal Ritual80Min$150.00
Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap80Min$175.00
Warmed Spice Mud Wrap50Min$105.00
Shrink To Fit Cellulite Body Wrap50Min$115.00
Wild Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Glow50Min$105.00
Stretch Mark Smoother50Min$105.00
Lavender Dreams Scalp Massage50Min$105.00

Foot Treatments

The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure80Min$85.00
Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure50Min$60.00
Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure50Min$50.00
The Tula50Min$75.00
Gentlemen's Pedicure50Min$50.00
Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Pedi50Min$65.00
Lucky Legs Add On25Min$50.00

Nail Service Enhancements

Table Heading
French Polish$6.00
Paraffin Treatment$10.00

Hand Treatments

The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat50Min$60.00
Warm Agave Nectar Manicure50Min$50.00
Spritzer Manicure50Min$40.00
Gentlemen's Manicure25Min$45.00
Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Mani50Min$65.00
Immaculate Wear


The Woodhouse Experience5 Hours,15Min$590.00
Two's Company2 Hours,30Min$470.00
Organic Renewal3 Hours,25Min$400.00
Spa Classics2 Hours,30Min$235.00
Great Expectations2 Hours,30Min$250.00

Woodhouse Day Spa Awards

The Woodhouse Day Spa has won more than 70 awards throughout its time in business. Some of their most recent awards include being voted 2017 Diablo Magazine Best Anti-aging Treatments, 2017 Top Workplace in New Orleans, 2017 Best of the Southwest, and 2016 “Simply the Best” Day Spa in Mukwonago (Wisconsin).

Woodhouse Day Spa History

The Woodhouse Day Spa story begins in Victoria Texas in 2001, but today there are 53 locations. At each of these locations you can choose from around 70 different spa treatments, so you’ll never run out of things to try!

Woodhouse Day Spa Therapist Training

Looking to become a Woodhouse Day Spa Massage Therapist? You’ll need to be good in customer service, too, as Woodhouse Day Spa prides itself on their employees’ abilities to supersede guest expectations. This means having a natural passion for caring for others, organization, retailing skills, and communication skills. Employees receive various benefits, such as retail discounts, friends and family discounts, wholesale orders from select vendors, unique compensation plans, and much more. You can apply to become a spa therapist at Woodhouse Day Spa on their website.

Woodhouse Day Spa Hours

Most Woodhouse Day Spa locations operate according to these hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 8:00 PM, Saturday: 9:00AM - 7:00PM, and Sunday: 12:00PM - 6:00PM. However, it is important to note that hours of operation may differ based on the location of the spa. Woodhouse Day Spa’s hours for each location can be found below or online at their website.

Table Heading
TUE: 9:00AM6:00PM
WED: 9:00AM6:00PM